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Derek and Vern in TBK mag!

Derek the Sheep turns up all over the shop alongside fellow sheep compatriot Vern, in TBK magazine this month! TBK is a brilliant mag all about new and groovy childrens books and this issue is their 30th anniversary issue. Even … Continue reading

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Run for the hills, Derek is here!

Woohoo! It’s that time of the month again i.e. a new issue of Beanomax hits the shops. And a new issue of Beanomax = a brand new Derek the Sheep story!! Yay!!! That’s 9 Dereks in a row now. I … Continue reading

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National Geographic Kids strips online!

As some of you may know, for the past two years I’ve written and drawn a comicstrip every month for the popular magazine National Geographic Kids. For the first 18 months or so I wrote jolly stories about individual people … Continue reading

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Sarth London Clouds

I loves clouds me. I think my obsession started from when I worked on Little Cutie and I began messing with painterly clouds in the background. I kept thinking “These clouds are rubbish. I need to observe proper clouds and … Continue reading

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New Blog! New Strip!

New Blog! Hello! I have a lovely new blog. Woohoo! Oh yes. I did have a blog millions of years ago back at the dawn of the internets called “Stupidmonsters” on blogspot, which I updated with mad comics and the … Continue reading

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