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New Derek!

Hooray! It’s another month, which means there’s another Derek in the Beanomax!!! This month Derek and his sheepy pals are woken from their woolly lazy world and are subjected to the raving loony that is Clarence the keep-fit sheepdog. Here’s … Continue reading


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Graffiti Knitting

Graffiti Knitting eh, What’s that all about? Little old ladies tagging trains with bits of wool in the dead of night? Well, sort of. Apart from the “old ladies” bit. And maybe skip the “dead of night” bit too. Ok, … Continue reading

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Independent on Sunday update

Got sent a jpeg of the print copy of Sunday’s interview for the Irish Sunday Independent! Here it be…Ain’t I handsome. I might publish the full unabridged version one day, which includes my fantastic beans on toast joke. I told … Continue reading

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Woohoo! I’m famous!

Yes, it’s fame at last for me! The Irish National newspaper The Irish Sunday Independent have interviewed me for their financial Q&A The Paper Prophet. I talk about baked beans, mars bars, chips, all sorts of important things for readers … Continue reading

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