Hooray! This week sees the release of a new issue of the monthly mag Beanomax, which, as we all know, means another stupid DEREK THE SHEEP story! “Woohoo!” the nation cries.

This month features Derek looking after idiot savant Bernard the Goat whose shed has blown away. Bernard likes to eat underpants, so it’s all about the pants for two whole pages. I even get to use the word “undercrackers” (I love that word).

Here’s an hilarious panel:

Ho ho. And what japes are had!

I did have a scene where Rodney the Bull and Dave Goose were flushing loo paper down the toilet, but there just wasn’t room to fit it all in. The shame.

Here’s Rodney looking all innocent, DVD-extra-stylee:

And here he is in the strip all dressed up in loo paper:

So please rush out and buy the Beanomax, cos it’s brill and I’m in there every issue. Oh yes.


About Gary Northfield

Hello. I am the world famous cartoonist Gary Northfield. I am mainly known for my brilliant zebra drawings, but I also draw caterpillars and sheep.
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7 Responses to Undercrackers!

  1. james says:

    cool, ill look out for it, i can never find it normally!

  2. Good luck! A good WHSmith or Tesco maybe.

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  4. susannah says:

    how traumatizing for me! the toilet paper scene is from our childhood (I got sent to bed for that)

  5. Really? Oh dear, don’t remember that. I must’ve tapped into some deep hidden subconscious memory.

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