New direction for National Geographic Kids strip!

As many of you may know, I’ve been writing and drawing comic strips for one of Britain’s top-selling children’s magazines, National Geographic Kids, for nearly four years now.

Every month my jolly comic strips tell the stories of famous people and places throughout history: from the life and times of Suffragette Emeline Pankhurst…


Emmeline Pankhurst stands up for her rights!

To the achievements of Emperor Qin and his stunning Terracotta Army; to the archaeological wonder of Machu Picchu and to the brutal, but colourful history of our own British Isles…


Robert the Bruce tangles with a spider.

Helping us along the way during the last couple of years, guiding us through the tricky facts and figures, we have our very own wily (and cheeky!) explorer, Max the Mouse!

A dragon takes Max on a ride through Chinese history!

Max has survived the rough and tumble of the Norman invasion of 1066, wrestled with Vikings Gods and unravelled the complexities of inventions such as televisions, phones and computers…

Max inadvertently starts a riot during the Industrial Revolution.

And now, in our exciting new feature, Max and I will be telling the stories of Animal Heroes and Celebrities! I’ve been pushing for us to tell stories about animals for a while now, because I loves drawing animals so much and this new strip is a perfect vehicle to work on.

Our first star is Laika, the first dog (and first Earthling!) in space!

The handsome, and very brave, Laika.

Along the way we have plans for daring dolphins, parachuting dogs,  and a whole menagerie of other gallant critters. So do please do buy a copy for yourself or your kids to uncover what shenanigans I’m up to every month in NGKids Magazine!

Thank you!

About Gary Northfield

Hello. I am the world famous cartoonist Gary Northfield. I am mainly known for my brilliant zebra drawings, but I also draw caterpillars and sheep.
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8 Responses to New direction for National Geographic Kids strip!

  1. Cal says:

    I concur with the yeay!

  2. How about some “Woohoo”s?

  3. Chris Duffy says:

    Your comics look great! I worked at Nick Mag in the U.S. for years–so I’m always glad when there’s more good comics in kids magazines…(sadly, Nick Mag was discontinued…)

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Chris! Thanks for popping by and for your kind words. I remember Nick Mag very well and was sad to hear of its demise. I hope something similar pops up again in the future; more kids comics is what this world needs!

  5. VC says:

    Hi Gary, will these comic strips ever be collected into one book? Or a series of books? I’d be tempted to collect them!

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