Gary’s Garden Book 1 is HERE!

In exciting news, I have A BRAND NEW BOOK OUT!!! Yes, the Phoenix Comic and David Fickling Books, in their infinite wisdom, have started producing book collections of their marvellous strips from the weekly comic and that includes…




It’s a collection of the first 26 or so strips from The Phoenix, all about the mad weirdos that live in my back garden. All true stories, of course.

Little birdies taking the mickey out of me. True story.

It actually came out last week, but I was neck deep in deadlines (mainly writing THIS book), but thankfully, my ever excitable and lovely studiomate, Sarah McIntyre, wrote a brillskillz blogpost about it all, saving me the blushes of no one ever knowing about my book. Sarah also has the brilliant Jampires book coming out next month, co-authored with children’s book supremo, David O’Connell. So keep an eye out for that little beauty! (The book, not David).


We’ve had some cracking reviews for Gary’s Garden coming in already:

…a riotously funny comic that delivers page after page after page of inspired silliness…Forbidden Planet International

Gary’s Garden is without a doubt one of the best comic books I’ve ever read.” 10/10 Wondrous Reads (It was even given a place on Jenny’s ‘Keep forever’ shelf! Cor!)

Gary’s Garden is a truly laugh-out-loud comic treat: madcap, endearing and absurdly

I’ll be selling copies at this weekend’s Comica Comiket at the British Library, as part of their Comics Unmasked Event, so pop along and say hi and get a jolly sketch in your book.

I got loads! Don't make me carry them all home again :(

I got loads! Don’t make me carry them all home again 😦

I’ll be having a launch party next month on the 4th of September at The Bookseller Crow On The Hill, (I’ve even promised to create a Gary’s Garden window!), so come along if you’re in the Crystal Palace area.


And lest I forget, Gary’s Garden was published on the same day as TWO other EXTREMELY BRILLIANT Phoenix Presents books:

Neill Cameron’s How Make Awesome Comics



The Ethrington Brothers’ Long Gone Don


ALL Phoenix Presents books are available to buy from The Phoenix Comic Shop.

Or if you live in Nottingham, the fantastic comic shop, Page 45 stock them and Londonites can buy them from the equally magnificent Gosh! Comics!

Happy reading!





About Gary Northfield

Hello. I am the world famous cartoonist Gary Northfield. I am mainly known for my brilliant zebra drawings, but I also draw caterpillars and sheep.
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