Julius Zebra snapped up in Portugal!

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News reached me today that Julius Zebra has been picked up by Portuguese publisher Oficina Do Livro! Party time! By my reckoning that’s my 8th Foreign Edition, including U.S., Dutch, German, Chinese, Turkish, Greek and Italian (natch) editions.

What with Portugal winning the European Cup thingy, I’m not sure the poor Portuguese can take any more excitement!


“Oi mate! Forget the zebra, read Gary’s Garden!”

And talking of foreign editions, over in the Netherlands, Julius has been a particularly massive hit. I was told this week that the first book is now on it’s 3rd edition (in fact it went into reprint after only one week!). To be fair, the marketing has been stunning to say the least. Check out some of these photos! Big thanks to my publisher, Luitingh-Sijthoff (and Thille Dop!) for their spectacular efforts, now reaping the rewards. (All photos © Thille Dop and Hannerlie Modderman)

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