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Teenytinysaurs in the Phoenix!

WORLDS COLLIDE! PLANETS CRASHING TOGETHER! UNIVERSES ENTWINED(?)! Yes! You read it right, for one week only, there’s a BRAND NEW TEENYTINYSAURS story in THE PHOENIX!!! “What’s a flippin’ Teenytinysaur?!” I hear you Phoenix readers ask. Well, my dears, it’s a … Continue reading

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Teenytinysaurs Book 2 … and introducing, Julius Zebra!

Apologies for keeping you in suspenders, I know I said, “tomorrow”,¬†two days ago for my big announcement, but deadlines got in the way a bit! ANYWAY! As my title suggests, I have some very exciting new projects to keep me … Continue reading

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Teenytinysaurs and beyond…

It must be said, that the last two or three months have been pretty hectic, what with the launch of my jolly new book Terrible Tales Of The Teenytinysaurs, and all the events that I’ve been organising, or invited to, … Continue reading

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